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Our program combines not only new techniques and technologies,
but also ancient Shaolin practices

Easy To Navigate

Our goal is to make the app so intuitive that not only advanced teens, but even Arizona grandmothers can use it

Stylish Design

Space, light an person needs these three things as much as they need food and sleep

Online support

With our application you can communicate with professional trainers nutritionists and customer service

Health reminders

App has a wide range of different reminders for exercise, drinking water, dietary advice and more

Auto Synchronization

Our developments allow you to synchronize information from dozens of different fitness trackers and phones

Contests and Gifts

Every month we not only make small presents, but also arrange various contests and give away valuable prizes

Hear what are clients saying

  • Author image
    Jack Lost 45 lbs in 1 month

    The best thing about Diet King is the full overview you get on your nutrition. I’ve learnt how to prioritize my food which makes me even more motivated to continue my journey. I’ve tried other similar apps before, but Lifesum is really easy to use and stick to.

  • Author image
    Mike Lost 58 lbs in 1 month

    This app is like the best thing that has happened to my health. I was shocked how my cravings were gone after only a couple of days and not wanting to eat between meals really helped. Losing 5kg in only 3 weeks is fantastic, but the best part is the health improvement. I feel remarkably much better, have more energy, better mood, can play with my kids and do more than ever

  • Author image
    Sally Lost 57 lbs in 1 month

    I love this app! It has so many features and great advice. With the different meal plans and exact calorie counts, this app was perfect for me.